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Welcome to Clues!

Clues is an Internet consultancy and we're one of the increasing number of companies who use and recommend Open Source software where it makes good business sense.

We offer system and network administration, and onsite and remote consultancy, IT infrastructure relocations, network design and management, physical resilience and disaster recovery planning, and on-set/on-stage networks.

Clues Ltd was formed in early 2002. Our aim was to build a company that people came to for the single reason that we know what we're talking about. Simple as that. 16 years later, we're still here.

We're happy to deal with companies of all sizes, from sole traders all the way up to multi-nationals, and with our experience of "closed-source" systems, we can integrate Open Source with your existing infrastructure.

Basically, if you're unhappy with any aspect of your IT infrastructure, or want to expand your facilities, Clues can probably help.